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Professional Table Tennis Bat for under €50,-

Ok, ok… this time I really pushed to the limits of my wifes patience. I got me a professional table tennis bat not even having a table or playing table tennis 🙂 But it is one of the best rated bats in the world and it’s under €50,-… So…? makes sense eh…?

I have to add that I did play competition level table tennis 20 years ago and I did own a good table tennis bat back then. The thing is that now that my son is 3 years old (yeh, yeh..) I’m getting a little nervous. Him being quite athletic and already amazing handy with my tennis rackets I’m getting a strong urge to keep up my fitness levels so not letting him beat me in any game before he’s…eh…. 35?!

Ok I understand that it takes at least 5+ years for him to reach a respectable level and so maybe my excuse wasn’t the best I could find so let me have another try… I just like to own a professional mega-fast awesome rated affordable table tennis bat and out-topspin anyone that dares to challenge me (is that better?).

With that in mind I just happened to stumble upon Here they keep a detailed record of table tennis bats and rubbers sorted by ratings on speed, control, consistency and… price. And what did I find…? Take a look at the amazing scores of the cheapest bat in the database.

Table Tennis Bat Review Scores

Table Tennis Bat Review Scores


So I scoured the net for a reliable webstore since I would also need some rubbers to complement the bat in the same well rated style. I finally found in Bulgaria (not really next door but hey…) and sent them an email. I remembered from my earlier ping pong days that some rubbers are super tacky but lose that attribute sometimes even after a few weeks. Since I was keen on owning a reliable bat not needing new rubbers after 3 weeks I asked the owner of to advice me on a high speed rubber renowned for it’s reliability even after many months. Bedo of mailed me the best long lasting tacky table-tennis rubber was the Yinhe / Galaxy Sun Pro rubber setting me back 2x $16,-

Finally since having no up-to-date gluing experience and/or equipment I asked tt-store if they could assemble the bat with the rubbers for me. They replied they were happy to put the rubbers on for me (how I love good service!)

So after a few days it arrived. My new professional table tennis bat Yinhe Galaxy N-9 with mega tacky long-lasting rubbers for around €50,-

Update: I played my tennis mate Milan (it turned out there is a tabletennis room in the tennishall) and damn is my new bat fast and… tacky! He had absolutely no control on my balls dripping and dipping with topspin. Now Milan wants a professional bat too…hihi  This is something completely different from your average local sport shop bat. Explaining this to my wife however will be a daunting task I’m afraid…

Fast Table Tennis Bat - Yinhe Galaxy N9 Photo Front

Table Tennis Tip: Galaxy N9

Fast Table Tennis Bat - Yinhe Galaxy N9 Photo Top

Durable, Mega-Fast Table Tennis Bat


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