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RIOT Free Image Optimization Software

How to compress website images in seconds

Compressing images for your website is often the most effective method to speed up your site. This tutorial shows how to compress images with the same quality in seconds. And it’s free!

Yes you read it correctly. And I had to double check but compressing the homepage image of my wife’s site from 750kb to 40kb gave an 18x reduction in size. And best of all you don’t see any quality difference. Oh… did I mention you can do it with one free program in seconds?

But if it’s so simple and has such impact on usability and google why doesn’t everyone compress images. Well, the truth is probably most don’t take the effort and many don’t know how simple and fast you can actually compress images for your website.

Still not convinced? See the below compressed images example.

Photo compressed with RIOT

Compressed with RIOT to 46kb

Photo uncompressed

Photo original 750kb

Here is the result in page size and speed recorded with GTmetrics Website Speed Analyzer

GTmetrics report after Optimization with RIOT

GTmetrics printscreen of report after RIOT optimization

GTmetrics report BEFORE Optimization with RIOT

GTmetrics printscreen of report BEFORE RIOT optimization

So how does RIOT work?

Well, I will let that part to all the other websites out there on this subject. Basically… who cares?

It’s free and does excellent work without any hassle, let’s just leave it at that.

Basic work flow: You drag your image from a folder into RIOT and safe it in the program under another name…done!
Quality: 70% | hroma subsampling: None (4:4:4) | Encoding: Progressive

Printscreen of RIOT workflow

Settings in RIOT Image Optimization Software

Then use this new image for your website and find your pages loading lightning fast.

Download RIOT from it’s official website here Url looks a bit suspicious but don’t worry it’s ok.

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