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Best tennisgrip for sweaty hands

If your hands are sweating like a soaked sponge, you live above 90% humidity and you play the tennisfinal of your life this review is for you. After one season of testing over 30 tennis grips here’s my final advice for the best tennisgrip for sweaty hands.

I’m done…! Every week of the past season I have received packages with tennisgrips. All of them I ordered and paid for myself and not one was sponsored. I have ordered them after digging through dozens of tennis forums and reviews. Many of them were marked as “the best grip ever for sweaty hands”. All of them I tested in training and matchplay and many of them went straight to the bin.

No scientific double-blind reproducible testing format. No write up per grip of my pro’s and cons. Just one outcome that is my personal experience and opinion and one that I wanted to share because of the remarkable outcome. For sure it cannot hurt to test the below grips for yourself. Any feedback or thoughts…? Please let me know. No more talk… here it is.

Sidenote: Now in winter tennis training I have found the best ever replacement tennis grip. Head Hydrosorb Pro. See below…

NR.1 WINNER: Tier One Tru Tack Overgrip White

The best tennisgrip for sweaty hands

The best rated tennisgrip for sweaty hands – Tier One Tru Tack

The absolute best tennisgrip ever for sweaty hands! Yes, there are others, yes some last longer, yes some are cheaper, yes some are used by tennispro’s around the world. But… wow, have they developed an amazing grip at Tier One Sports.

This grip I found the first ever tennisgrip to outperform Tourna in sweat absorption and durability as it lasts me a whole match for sure. That being a “sticky” grip will for certain appeal to a lot of match players.

Be aware as it only does it’s grippy magic for one full match. The next day the magic is gone. Therefore possible not suited for lower level players and/or those prone on a cost effective durable tennis grip purchase. But if you are a heavy sweater and have an important match, whatever the level, and you can take no risk, this grip is the best you can get!

The overall summing-up of my experience with this grip is that it’s a no-brainer and it’s consistent. I have never ever had my thoughts on this grip during matchplay and that is very, very rare for me as a sweating champion. Another very remarkable property setting it apart from Tourna is that it does magic in colder and not so sweaty conditions as well. Whatever the status of your body and hands this grip works the same, every time.

I use this tennis grip for matchplay.

Order US and official site:

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Other mentions

There can be only one! All other grips tested are not nr.1 for some reason and although many swear by them or use them extensively the below grips did not make nr.1 because they all made me check my grip during a match even if it’s just for a split second.

Tourna Classic Blue

One of the most remarkable products in the sense that no company (until now) has ever been able to copy it’s remarkable sweat absorption abilities since 1977. If you sweat like me and your body and hands are dripping this grip is a something really special. If you’re not drenched in body fluid you will probably have no clue whatsoever why people love this grip. Also playing Tourna in regular and/or winter training sessions can mean you find yourself constantly licking your palms to mimic the sweat and give some grip to your handle. Oh… and did I mention you need the XXL or at least the XL version to cover the complete handle and that they wear out like toilet paper? It’s an amazing grip but only for heavy sweaters and those willing to change grips frequently.

MSV Prespi Absorb Blue

Really the only thing I found worth mentioning in one sentence with Tourna and Tier One. Believe me that is something quite spectacular! Be aware as I absolutely hated the white version being completely different from the blue. The blue version of this grip has excellent absorption however and works way better than Tourna in less sweaty conditions. The durability mostly is one match but unlike Tier one and Tourna the MSV’s are sometimes still very usable in the next training session. And… they are way cheaper! Also MSV Prespi Absorb grips stay absolutely the same even if unused on a racket for over a year.

I use this grip on tennis training sessions and all non matchplay/tennis rackets in the house. Even badminton and squash rackets and the children rackets are wrapped with the MSV Prespi Absorb. Very recommended!


Advertised as a sticky grip that keeps it’s abilities for an extended period of time and it does. Not my grip as I find them a bit to “silicony” in feel and more importantly could not hold up (for me) in extreme sweaty conditions. “They made me think and that is unforgiving” which is my main testing threshold. But… my wife loves them and for the first time I found some other clubplayers asking me where I got this amazing grip. My son’s racket (5 years old) was wrapped with this grip when I first got them in, left outside in the rain and sun, used over 20 training sessions, completely greyed out and the stickiness is still excellent. I have not found this long lasting stickiness in any other sticky tennis grip. Well done Robin!

Head Hydrosorb Pro Replacement Tennis Grip

Review of the Head Hydrosorb Pro Replacement Grip

My nr.1 Replacement Tennis Grip – Try it!

This last autumn competition an opponent gave me the tip for an amazing replacement grip and damn am I glad I found this one. It’s the Head Hydrosorb Pro (Black Version). Also the little comments it has on Tennis Warehouse are no joke!

In my opinion, this is the absolute best grip I have ever used and it offers an absolutely perfect balance in comfort, stick, feel of the bevels, and absorbing moisture from your hands. It’s perfect and and after trying a few other grips just to be sure, this is the only grip I will every buy again – it’s simply amazing, you have to try it for yourself! TW – Matt 4/13

Matt’s comment is right on… I was a strongly against ever using a replacement grip other then being the basis for my overgrip but this Head Hydrosorb Pro completely changed my opinion. It reminds me of the Mastergrips that were sold 25 years ago making you want to grab your racket even in your home just to “feel the feel”. Personally I wrap it Gasquet style and this way you can use half of this amazing long grip giving you double the use out of one package.

To be honest (for the heavy sweaters) I have not used this grip yet in extreme hot and sweaty conditions so please have patience till the 2017 summer for that review. For now though this absolutely is my prime tennisgrip to use.

The Head Hydrosorb Pro black Replacement Grip is extremely durable compared to overgrips, very balanced (not to sticky, not to mushy, good absorption…), Keeps it’s properties for many hours of play (really!), the grip is very long – long enough for double use (in Gasquet style half-handle wrapping).

But again this is just my opinion. Please try it yourself and help others by commenting below!

Incomplete list of other tested tennis grips.

Solinco Wonder Grip
Wilson Pro Overgrip
Yonex SuperGrap
Babolat VS Original
Tourna Tac
Tourna Mega Tac
Pacific X Tack Pro
Pacific XTR
Pacific Master’s Grip
Pro’s Pro Super Tacky
Pro’s Pro Aqua Zorb 55
Volkl V-Dry
Polyfibre Feel It
Polyfibre Omnigrip Hightec
Polyfibre S.A.T.
Many others that just went straight into the bin after one game. (Yeh, yeh… should have wrote them down)

I understand many will want to know my thoughts on the above grips after testing but I never tested with the idea to write this article. This means every grip that didn’t make my “don’t make me think” threshold was erased from my memory to move on to the next. Of course I can remember some of them and have to admit having tried the Yonex Supergrap again after so many requests. But two training-sessions and one match after directly made me remember my earlier impression. The Yonex Supergrap makes me constantly doubt my grip and dry my hands in extreme situations just like all the other grips on that list. No more doubts for me… I have made up my final verdict.

What is your best tennis grip for sweaty hands?

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