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I’m a 37 year old dad with three children of which one still in diapers. I’ve lived in a small village until high school and most of my days were spend with soccer, cycling and hide and seek. When I reached the intellectual level of college I found there was nothing greater in life then living with friends, playing sports everyday, drinking cold beers and… drinking cold beers. It eventually took me 10 years to see that a Bsc degree actually means you have to study sometimes and I have to admit that I thanked this insight to my later-to-become wife.

These days I graduated obviously and have a great job at an Outdoor Products Manufacturer where I’m mostly occupied with all online communication. As much as I love my work, my wife and I fully share our weekdays between work and the kids and I would not trade that for 10 times my salary.

This website is my boughts and thoughts so I can vent on whatever I find interesting. Most boughts were preceded by endless days of Googling on forums, reviews and viewing youtubes… It is my mental deviation to research products for months before buying (does this sound familiar?). The thoughts are from light-minded to serious writing but always open for feedback so please feel free to comment on whatever product or subject…

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