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Nadal Extreme Arm Topspin

Tennis Elbow Pain

Playing tennis at a respectable level I see a lot of tennis elbow pain problems. The solution is often so simple; Stop using poly strings or at least go for a multi string job.

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Tennisgrip review

Best tennisgrip for sweaty hands

If your hands are sweating like a soaked sponge, you live above 90% humidity and you play the tennisfinal of your life this review is for you. After one season of testing over 30 tennis grips here’s my final advice for the best tennisgrip for sweaty hands.

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Table Tennis Smash

Professional Table Tennis Bat for under €50,-

Ok, ok… this time I really pushed to the limits of my wifes patience. I got me a professional table tennis bat not even having a table or playing table tennis 🙂 But it is one of the best rated bats in the world and it’s under €50,-… So…? makes sense eh…?

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Stainless Frying Pan Review

Unhealthy scratched non-stick surfaces are a common reason to switch to a more durable stainless frying pan. For me burning myself after a broken handle made me never ever again buy a common no-name, non-stick frying pan.

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Ipads in Education – Why it’s a Pandora’s Box

There is much discussion and research on Ipads in class and whether or not children learn better with an Ipad in education. I don’t really care about the learning results. I do care about my children living in the real world and not plugging in The Matrix every morning.

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